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The Peninshula

New South Wales Central Coast


The easy and welcoming atmosphere of the Peninsula is what has drawn generations of holiday makers to the area year after year. Encompassing the seaside suburbs of Woy Woy, Umina, Ettalong Beach, Patonga and Pearl Beach, the Peninsula is packed full of activities to while away the day. No matter where you go on the Peninsula, you usually find the sun shining down on sparkling water, your personal invitation from Mother Nature. Anderson's Boat Shed hires a range of watercraft including BBQ pontoons which are perfect for group entertaining out on the water. Central Coast Ferries operates a local hourly ferry service between Woy Woy, Saratoga, Davistown and Empire Bay daily. Take the opportunity to disembark at Illoura Reserve and enjoy a stroll around the seaside township of Davistown. Exclusive to the Christmas school holidays, you can enjoy the two and half hour cruise on the Cockatoo Ferry from Woy Woy to Ettalong via Saratoga, Hardys Bay and Wagstaffe or set your own pace and paddle a kayak around pristine waterways and inlets.

Ettalong Beach

Density: 2,720/km2 (7,050/sq mi) - PC: 2257.

16 km (10 mi) SSW of Gosford / 4 km (2 mi) SSW of Woy Woy.

Ettalong Beach is south of Woy Woy on Brisbane Water at the point where it meets Broken Bay, about 80 km north of Sydney. Ettalong Beach is the natural eastward continuation of Umina Beach and Ocean Beach. The Ettalong Beach Foreshore Reserve upgrade was completed in early 2014 by Gosford City Council at a total cost of almost $5.4M including Federal funds of $2M. The works were a culmination of 15 years of lobbying by the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce for the upgrading of the foreshore and renourishment of Ettalong Beach. The upgraded foreshore includes children's play areas, barbecue facilities, cycle ways, landscaping and café/restaurant overlooking the beach area. The cycle way links Ettalong Beach with Umina Beach.

Umina Beach

Density: 2,230/km2 (5,780/sq mi) - PC: 2257.

16 km (10 mi) SSW of Gosford  / 4 km (2 mi) SSW of Woy Woy.

Umina Beach is locally known on the Central Coast as being on 'The Peninsula' (or Woy Woy Peninsula). A natural peninsula that includes the towns of Umina Beach, Ocean Beach, Woy Woy, Blackwall, Booker Bay and Ettalong Beach. The main street, West Street, is the retail centre of The Peninsula with key national brands represented. The suburb of Umina Beach officially begins where Woy Woy and Blackwall end at Veron Road and Gallipoli Avenue. Umina Beach is the most populated suburb on the NSW Central Coast. Umina Beach has one unbroken sand shoreline that has been divided in name only: Umina Beach (south western section) and Ocean Beach (north eastern section). Both beaches have their own Surf Life Saving Club.

Woy Woy

Density: 1,686/km2 (4,370/sq mi) - PC: 2256.

79 km (49 mi) NNE of Sydney / 12 km (7 mi) S of Gosford.

Woy Woy is a coastal town and a southern suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, located on the southern reaches of Brisbane Water. It is an important population centre within the City of Gosford local government area. Woy Woy is located in the northern half of the Woy Woy Peninsula, a densely populated estuarine peninsula that also includes the districts of Umina Beach, Ettalong Beach and Blackwall, in addition to several small sub-districts. The Woy Woy Peninsula is the most populous area of the Central Coast. The historical and commercial core of Woy Woy is located around the railway station at the northern tip of the peninsula while its residential districts merge imperceptibly southwards with Umina and Ettalong.

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